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  • ByAmandine Fischer
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Sep 18, 2020
It's very useful. It's adjustability makes it versatile enough for most lolita wear. I personally wear lolita that fall on the longer side so I haven't had much issue with the length. There are 4 differents spots to tighten the strings between the hoops to make sure it's properly attached from all 4 sides. Tying the strings and tightening the 3 hoops is a tedious process, but the versitility of it definitely makes up for it. The hoops themselves are solid and don't show through the tule layer. You get what you pay for in terms of quality since it's so simple, but since it's a petticoat and doesn't show, and the ingenuity which allows it to be so versatile is really good for lolitas looking for a cheap petticoat.

  • ByKawaii Schneider
  • Senior Member
  • Jul 08, 2019
I'm using this one underneath my adjustable Boguta petticoat to keep it from getting squashed by my heaviest Lolita dress and it works great! I'd also recommend this petti on its own because it's rather good. With the tulle adding an extra layer of puffiness it really gives you that look encountered in Victorian children's fashion of the 1860s.

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