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  • ByAmber Liu
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Jan 08, 2022
Price is a little high for me but definitely worth it, perfect for my dress, very functional and comfortable

  • ByEmilia Lehtonen
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Jan 28, 2021
Worth the price. Easily adjustable, good quality and manages to hold up my heavier lolita dress. It's VERY poofy and comfortable to wear, even tho it's little bit heavier than usual. Hoops doesn't show through either. ^^ It's very pretty to look at too!

  • ByKawaii Schneider
  • Senior Member
  • Apr 22, 2019
Great petticoat. :) The adjustability makes it very versatile. It's also rather pretty and the materials used are of a good quality. However, after a couple of times wearing it the tunnels for the drawstrings come slightly undone at the lower edge where you tie off the drawstrings, but that's easily repaired. :) Also, it gets a tad crushed underneath my heaviest Lolita dress, but I did expect that. :) And I've already got an idea or two on how to fix that. ^.^

  • ByDaniela Rios
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Mar 21, 2019
VERY poofy! easily adjustable and well made. stands up to my heaviest dresses without a problem. its got a bit of weight to it but it's comfortable and doesn't chafe. cotton lining feels soft, not scratchy at all, and the hoops dont show through my dresses.

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