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  • ByOwen Lartson
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Apr 23, 2022
Really lovely blouse with some gorgeous details. I love the bat collar and pointed ends of the blouse, and the star buttons are a beautiful touch. As one reviewer said, the buttons are surprisingly difficult to put through the holes, and I had to cut them just slightly in order to let them fit more comfortably. My only issue is the length of the blouse at the end of the buttons is quite a bit shorter than the tails--the "shirt length" measurement only refers to the longest part of the blouse, while the buttons end about 20cm higher. When worn as styled in the photos (with a JSK or salopette) this isn't a problem, but keep this in mind when wearing a skirt or shorts that aren't high waisted. Overall it's a lovely blouse with a few odd quirks.

  • BySage
  • Jan 10, 2019
As the other reviewer said, this is a lovely blouse! It has a really great design that goes well with a lot of potential gothic lolita or Halloween-themed coordinates, and the bat collar is fantastic. I also really like the tails in front and back. It gives the blouse a very "vampire" aesthetic. It's made of a few different types of fabric, with shimmery, slightly sheer sleeves and shoulder areas, and the sleeves puff really nicely at the cuff. My only gripe is that the star-shaped buttons (which look great!) are really tough to get through the button holes due to their shape and the inconsistent sizing of the button holes themselves. I'm probably going to have it altered to make the button holes a little bigger. Other than that, a wonderful blouse with lots of good details!

  • ByDemi Thomas
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Oct 17, 2017
This blouse is beautiful! The fabrics are lovely, with a gorgeous shimmer, and the tiny star buttons are super cute! The collar is wonderfully shaped, the buttons and buttonholes are placed precisely, the lace and fabric are soft, and everything is stitched cleanly. The sleeves are a great length, even if you are fairly tall. My only complaint is that two of the buttonholes were not cut on the blouse I received. Since I sew, this was easy to fix and I am overall very happy with this blouse.

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