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  • ByClawale
  • Jun 12, 2022
OH. MY. GOD. This dress is just amazing!! I got it in pink and as a large, and I've never been so impressed considering the price. It's exactly as described and very beautiful. I do have a few warnings, however. The fabric has a pretty strong scent out of the packaging, but it's really nothing a wash can't fix. The fabric is very light overall pretty soft, but if you can't stand it being just a little rough then I wouldn't recommend this. It's quite heavy, too. This is only my 3rd lolita dress so I can't say I'm very experienced, but for a price like this I think it's very amazing quality. I will absolutely buy from this brand again.

  • ByMia
  • Sep 23, 2021
okay so the dress is very nice, it looks just like the picture but the lace on the skirt is different (still pretty). My only real complaint is that the color I got is completely wrong. If you want the black dress, don't order it. It's not black/super dark purple, it's vibrant royal purple. Which is nice, but very misleading. The bright purple isn't even shown among the pictures. the fabric is also a lot thicker/rougher than you would think. Still not a bad buy though, just don't get black unless you want mega bright purple.

  • Ordinary Customer
  • Jan 28, 2021
My first ever lolita dress! Great for the price, does not look cheap at all, nice shape and build. I'm very happy with it and will probably get it in other colors !

  • ByDianna C
  • Jul 02, 2020
I got this dress in two colors -- pink and red-- last summer for use as a base piece under existing JSKs and salopettes as well as wear by itself. It's light and great for summer, and they made it to my specifications. I wish I had asked for a longer bodice, but that's on me. However, with the lighter fabric, even though the dress fit my bust measurement, there was gapping between the buttons. Because there is also a zipper, I ended up just sewing the button placket shut on both dresses, and now no longer have that problem. But it was a little frustrating to have to do that.

  • ByCarole MILLOT
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Oct 02, 2019
Very sweet and vintage, and perfect for summer. The tailors have done a really good job, because I had asked for a dress much longer, and they got it perfect, respecting every measurement I had given without any of the features looking misplaced. A very good dress at an incredible price.

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