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  • ByMarie-Titania Abfi
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Mar 24, 2023
Really beautiful!~ I didn't know that i have to wait around 3months but it really worth it! I'm not use to wear this kind of shoes but it's really pleasant to wear and not heavy at all even with these big heels! The quality is incredible, it seem to be made with really strong materials! If the boots are dirty, just a wipe towel or a handkerchief is enough to clean them :) Just two things : At the base of the toes, it's a little tight. I don't know if it's me (because i have a little problem at this foot area) or if it's the boots that are a little thight. Also, the "tongue" of the shoes are little because when i lace up my shoes, we can see my socks a little xD Anyways, i'm really really happy to wear them ^^ I recommend them and will order other products later :D

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