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  • ByAna Diaz
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Dec 25, 2020
I'm very surprised that this fit my bigfoot feet! I ordered a size 41 and they come very shiny. They feel comfortable, for now, but I'm not completely sure of the quality of these shoes. The strap, not the one that crosses over your feet, the one on your ankle is not design to fit you. They are one size and I just took it off the shoes because it was too small to fit my ankle. But they still look cute and love them.

  • ByElizabeth Mittler
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Aug 20, 2019
I ordered these Antaina shoes in matte purple. I received shoes that are not really purple nor even Antaina, the only thing they have going for them are that they were reasonably priced and fit my feet. In the future I'll order directly from Antaina or use a taobao shopping service.

Dear Elizabeth Mittler :) Antaina has changed their brand name. Even if you buy the shoes directly from Antaina or use a taobao shopping service, you'll also receive the same shoes. Antaina also moved their factory, and their quality is not as good as before, we have already let them know about it and they told us they will improve their works. Hope this explains ^^

By Manager Aug 20,2019 22:32:39

  • ByTara Pendergraft
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Jun 09, 2018
Cute, yet simple and versatile. Smells a bit like chemicals out of the bag BUT its nothing overpowering. The snaps are also a little tricky but it's well worth the price. I would recommend these shoes to a friend. The size (7.5 in US sizing) is exactly what I expected on both pairs I bought. Just use the size chart and all will be well. Fantastic alternative to the pricey big brand shoes. Will definitely buy again from Antaina for all my lolita shoe needs.

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